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This Blog is My Life

ThemetaZoneLogoI’ve thought a lot about what I want to write about. Often it best for it to be of single topic and the audience clear, but as an aspie I have tons of “special interests” and tons of hours of reading to draw from on tons of topics. So, what do I focus on? For years I have stumbled over myself trying to decide what to talk about as if I had nothing of value to say. I hurt my own self esteem being verbally constipated.

Why admit that? To encourage other aspies to find their own voice. Our clan needs to express who we are and what we are, so we can help others. It’s really important for the undiagnosed to hear themselves in our stories, and for the diagnosed to find comfort in each other.

I’ll be weaving back and forth for a while on how I describe myself, my current problems, and how I got here. Occasionally, there will probably be some activism. There will definitely be ranting and frustration. But, this blog is about my life, who I am and how I developed in adversity, and how I deal with adversity today.

Yes I’m talking about blogging in a blog. You have now entered… The Meta Zone! Do do do  do do do…

May I should have called this blog “The Aspie Zone”. lol hmmm

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  1. Welcome to the “Aspie Zone”! 😉
    Just stumbled over your blog, searching for other bloggers like me. I’m new here 😉 Quick question: Are you german? Because we like the same Blogs 😉

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